Monday, 25 June 2012

One again my blog has been left slightly abandoned...
Tomorrow I start my new design job!!
I never like to post who I'm working for on here (as I'm never sure what I will and won't be allowed to post) but if you have followed my blog for a while it might be obvious who I used to work for....and I'm sure work related photos/posts will appear again soon.
I'm excited and nervous to be the "new girl" and I know the first couple of weeks at a new place are always a little rubbish as you learn all the ways of a new studio.
I shall let you know how it all goes!

I hope to have an overhaul of my blog too, it's been a while and I think the reason I stopped posting so much was because it felt stale even to me. I want to make it more personal, more of my drawings, thoughts, and maybe even "almost" outfit posts (i'm always scared to put myself out there too much!)


Please bear with me
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