Sunday, 24 January 2010

C - O - O - L

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Michelle Pfieffer is still one of the most beautiful women on the planet, I don't care if she was blessed with great genes or a great doctor. I have been a huge fan since watching Grease 2 over and over again as a small girl.
Grease 2 was considered a flop after such a successful following for the original Grease story of Danny and Sandy. Most twenty somethings I know have seen and heard of Grease but many let Grease 2 pass them by.
Such a mistake! Stephanie Zinone, with her ash blonde hair, red lips and attitude, was so much cooler than Sandy even when she got a perm and found lycra pants. And although the film came out in 1982, I still find myself wishing I too had a cool rider, fluffy fringe and pink ladies jacket to rebelliously wear inside out.


  1. She's gorgeous and still beautiful for her age!!

  2. omg, Stephanie Zinoni always was, and forever will be, one of my biggest style icons.

  3. totally agree!!! i love grease 2. reproduction was such a hilariously awesome song:)