Sunday, 3 January 2010

Nicole's back


I used to love watching out for what Nicole Richie was wearing but then she fell out with Rachel Zoe and went off to selfishly have kids.
These images from New Years Eve show her with a darker hairdo (which I am loving - the colour, cut and fringe are just perfect) and a fabulous sparkly gold dress showing she is back to her best.
But once again seems to have the celebrity curse of wearing shoes (YSL Tributes in this case) one size too large. Is there something in this that we mere 'mortals' are missing? Or perhaps it's just me? Victoria B in particular is partial to a shoe too big.
In any case, Nicole looks so healthy and happy, I'm hoping we see more of her in 2010.


  1. she looks amazing! serious hair envy!


  2. She's beautiful as a brunette