Saturday, 30 January 2010

Still in Vogue

Italian Vogue May 2008

I love this image, although it's nearly two years old it still looks so fresh.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Slightly behind times, I came across Dossier magazine in the library today. Already on it's fourth issue I haven't seen much of it before (apart from some Robert Pattinson images online) and yes I was attracted to this issue because it had Leigh Lezark on the cover.

"Dossier is a bi-annual arts and culture journal incorporating fashion, photography, creative writing, art, music and culinary pursuits. Inspired by the French word for file, we have no themes, features or specific guidelines. We're independently published and owned."

I haven't been able to find any good scans of it so I'll put up my photos until I can get hold of the magazine and scan it myself.

all images my own photos

Check out their website here which is made up of blogs covering style, film, reviews, books, architecture and more

Does anyone have any of the other issues?


Natalia Vodianova at the after party of the Givenchy Couture show

And the Oscar goes to...

This finale dress from the Givenchy Spring 2010 Couture show will no doubt be turning up on the red carpet at the Oscars next month but the question is; who will be the chosen one to step out in it?
I wouldn't have immediately thought of purple as a good colour for the red carpet but, after Sandra Bullock turned up to the Golden Globes awards in what I lovingly refer to as the giant quality street dress, I'm hoping we are going to see some more dramatic choices in February.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Metallic Blue Lipstick...


Yay or Nay?

I actually really like it on her, not sure if it would work so well on a blonde.
Also loving her bag.
Have seen Charlotte Kemp Muhl popping up in a few places recently. I'm not really sure what she does but is described as a model/actress...I've just seen her out and about with boyfriend Sean Lennon.

C - O - O - L

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Michelle Pfieffer is still one of the most beautiful women on the planet, I don't care if she was blessed with great genes or a great doctor. I have been a huge fan since watching Grease 2 over and over again as a small girl.
Grease 2 was considered a flop after such a successful following for the original Grease story of Danny and Sandy. Most twenty somethings I know have seen and heard of Grease but many let Grease 2 pass them by.
Such a mistake! Stephanie Zinone, with her ash blonde hair, red lips and attitude, was so much cooler than Sandy even when she got a perm and found lycra pants. And although the film came out in 1982, I still find myself wishing I too had a cool rider, fluffy fringe and pink ladies jacket to rebelliously wear inside out.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Hugues who

Frida J

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Filling time on today I came across Frida J from Kungรคlv, who has her own blog here. Unfortunately I d don't speak a word of Swedish (I even had to look up Kungalv to find out where it was...geography has never been my strong point) and so can only appreciate the photos she puts up. But I love her outfits and her style reminds me of Olivia Palermo without looking so overstyled or uptight.

January W

images via geometricsleep

I nearly completely missed this editorial, now I have to go find myself a copy of January's W magazine just to get a proper look. Love the graduating colours.
W have covered fashion for every style tribe - there's peeptoes and wedges, platforms and brogues, boots and sandals, red carpet and sportswear, sequins and feathers, graphic prints and ruffles.
I've never seen a queue quite like it...the only thing I'm left wondering is what are they all waiting for?

Vintage Moss

All images from my new favourite blog -
If you haven't already seen it go check it out now!!