Tuesday, 31 August 2010

So Sad

I just heard that photographer Corinne Day passed away on Friday.
I was lucky enough to buy one of her photographs about a year ago when she was raising money to pay for surgery on a brain tumour.  
Unfortunately the treatment did not work and she died at the age of 45. 

She is probably most famous for her photographs of a young Kate Moss.
Just google her to see how many of your favourite fashion photos she was responsible for! 

How to be a supermodel

via adrianique.blogspot.com

Whilst we're playing at nude

photos from justjared and google images 
...our favourite fashionistas are rocking the scarlet woman look.
Personally I'm up for injecting some colour into next season so I'm now on the look out for the perfect LRD (little red dress) a la Isabel Lucas.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sasha Fierce

 Sasha looking amazing in Numero 116 
September 2010

Free and Easy

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

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Monday, 23 August 2010

More Model Wedding

There is a longer (18minute) video on Coco Rocha's blog OhSoCoco
Such a fairy tale wedding!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Are you part of the Crew?

I've never taken any notice of JCrew, when my friend Carri was talking to me about it, I referred to it as the label that Michelle Obama likes? 
It would seem there is more to them than that!
Firstly they've got my favourite model, Siri Tollerod, in their new Fall2010 lookbook....


and then on their website they have a feature on the cast of upcoming movie The Romantics starring Katie Holmes, Adam Brody, Josh Dushamel and Anna Pacquin.
They've even made Katie Holmes look youthful and fresh (which let's be honest is not a look she's been rocking for quite some time)
Welcome back Joey Potter.


and quite frankly I'm a fan of anyone who brings Adam Brody back into my life!
See the film's trailer below
I'll check the film out...if only to see Adam Brody on a big screen.

It's Official

I was starting to get bored of Alexa Chung.... (I know blasphemy!)
But she really was everywhere and even in photoshoots editors and stylists tend to use her personal style.
I bought L'Officiel in France cos the cover immediately caught my attention.
I couldn't find these images anywhere so have scanned them myself 
(please credit Curiouser & Curiouser if you want to repost)

 I think Alexa looks great, and although it's not too far from her usual look I think there is something very fresh about the editorial. It's nice to see her glossy and polished.
Love her in the Carven dress on the cover and first pic.
Plus the last two images are gorgeous.

LOVE part 4

all images from vogue.co.uk
With 8 covers to choose from Love are really spoiling us...or does it annoy when magazine produce multiple covers?
My favourites are the Alessandra and Lauren Hutton covers, hopefully I can track either of these down on Monday when it hits the shops.
Kelly Brook described this month as her naked month and it seems she is to carry that on into September with her cover.
Plus if anyone can find the real Sienna Miller on her cover then let me know...

Which is your favourite?