Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sad times

Last month I bought my perfect pair of shoes in the Marc Jacobs sale in Paris.
Jelly uppers with a velvet platform semi wedge....beautiful, comfortable, 50% off and the last pair in the shop that just happened to be my size.

I trotted to work in them the very next day feeling fabulous, and kept them on to jump on the Eurostar back to London that evening.
But London, it would seem, was not fond of my new shoes and whilst walking through St Pancras I felt something wrong. 
Looking down in the taxi I noticed that not only had they broken, but the jelly uppers had split and were completely unmendable. Unfortunately I could do nothing but get a full refund the next week when I was back in Paris.
So this post is a tribute to beautiful shoes.
Have you ever spent too much money on something and then been left disappointed?


  1. I have done that before. It is awful. I'm sorry...

  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! It's happened to me with a lovely pair of Melissa's. I guess it's normal to have these little but catastrophic accidents with plastic shoes :(.

    I wasn't as lucky as you and didn't get a refund, ha. Don't worry, you'll find another lovely pair to (kind of) replace these ones. Hope you find them soon! ;-)


  3. i want these shoes. yum x grace