Friday, 6 August 2010


As many people probably already know, Emma Watson went for the chop this week...
Little Hermione is all grown up and she wants everyone to know.
I'm still undecided - the professional shots look great but it will be interesting to see how she works it on the red carpet or everyday life.
It was certainly a great move for all these ladies, does anyone even remember Agy or Carey when they were boring old long hair beauties?!


  1. hm, compared to all the other ladies... i think i don't like her new look. or maybe it's the top? the hair cut needs more 60s style. the short hair makes her look really young.

  2. thank you god of fashion, that kate moss now got long hair again. but for the rest of the faces: short hair looks great, it makes them very special and more characteristic..

  3. yes! I LOVE short hair.. i've had it since summer and chopped it off yesterday to be a pixie again and love it!

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