Saturday, 21 August 2010

It's Official

I was starting to get bored of Alexa Chung.... (I know blasphemy!)
But she really was everywhere and even in photoshoots editors and stylists tend to use her personal style.
I bought L'Officiel in France cos the cover immediately caught my attention.
I couldn't find these images anywhere so have scanned them myself 
(please credit Curiouser & Curiouser if you want to repost)

 I think Alexa looks great, and although it's not too far from her usual look I think there is something very fresh about the editorial. It's nice to see her glossy and polished.
Love her in the Carven dress on the cover and first pic.
Plus the last two images are gorgeous.


  1. I love this cover and editorial of her.:)SarahD

  2. such a beautiful editorial

  3. this is my favorite editorial of her!


  4. hmm - I have been bored with ms chung for a while - but I like the 3rd and last photo very much.
    les autres sont bof!