Saturday, 21 August 2010

Are you part of the Crew?

I've never taken any notice of JCrew, when my friend Carri was talking to me about it, I referred to it as the label that Michelle Obama likes? 
It would seem there is more to them than that!
Firstly they've got my favourite model, Siri Tollerod, in their new Fall2010 lookbook....

and then on their website they have a feature on the cast of upcoming movie The Romantics starring Katie Holmes, Adam Brody, Josh Dushamel and Anna Pacquin.
They've even made Katie Holmes look youthful and fresh (which let's be honest is not a look she's been rocking for quite some time)
Welcome back Joey Potter.

and quite frankly I'm a fan of anyone who brings Adam Brody back into my life!
See the film's trailer below
I'll check the film out...if only to see Adam Brody on a big screen.


  1. hold the phone! katie holmes looks incredible. i'm so excited for this movie. and totally concur, hello adam brody.


  2. Also V. excited about some Adam Brody candy!!

    I had a look at J Crew in the US last week and while it's not wildly exciting, it has some great seasonal staples. Sort of like an American Zara, but with more consistent quality and a more concise edit.

    Miss B xx

  3. those pics look like so much fun..

    yep, seen the wedding dress pic, so lovely, indeed!

    and total J.Crew fan, wish they had them over here!