Thursday, 8 October 2009

Note to self - charge the battery!

The Vuitton show started so promptly that we were practically shoved into the dark space without anyone even checking my ticket (which was great seeing as I didn't have one! Ha!). We then had to cling to each other and try to find some space to see the show. Luckily one of the stewards seemed to take pity on my small stature and actually moved a lady out of the way so I could stand on the top step to see!

What followed was a lot of big hair and small dresses. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out just after the show so I missed photos of most of the good people - Leighton Meester stood for ages gracefully having her photo taken by photographers and posing with fans. Daisy Lowe arrived as the paparazzi scrum was going crazy over Leighton and seemed a little put out no one wanted to photograph her until one noticed her and started shouting her name. This is, it would appear, was all she wanted and so she stood and pouted like a trooper whilst Leighton went off to do a a quick tv interview.

Also present was Giles Deacon who I saw duck in quite early to avoid the masses outside, Grace Coddington, Kate Lanpher, Freida Pinto,
Sophie Dahl with Jamie Cullen, Natalia Vodianova arrived after the show and must have disappeared backstage with her husband. I also saw Francesca Burns (of LOVE magazine) in a pair of sparkly Marc Jacobs trousers who did not want to be photographed by the hourds of bloggers waiting outside the show but who looked as marvellous as ever.

I waited outside after with a few of the bloggers who you are probably familiar with and enjoyed watching them set up their shots and do what they do best.
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