Tuesday, 1 December 2009

To anyone still checking...

I'm so sorry for all the neglect. I finally got home to London this weekend and was so tired I did very little. Now I am back in Paris I will try to make more of an effort. I don't think I have posted in nearly a week which is the longest break I have taken since I started the blog. So sorry...

Right with that out of the way I have so many images and things stored up, not sure where to start.

Zoe James is a stylist based in London who has styled for magazines such as Lula, Dazed and Confused and Muse amongst other projects.

I love the softness to the photographs and the feminine touches of her styling.

all photos from www.zoejames.com


  1. oh i love these images
    thanks for posting!

  2. Amazing images. I love the soft lighting and the dreamy feel!