Sunday, 14 March 2010

New Chanel - Coco Rouge

This is my favourite advert at the moment.

Saw Vanessa Paradis promoting a new French film on TV quite a lot whilst in France and Italy. No idea what she was saying (sadly my french is coming along very slowly - though I can now get a cab and order lunch) but she looked impeccable at all times.


  1. saved this to my computer as well. the pink lipstick is so daring but just perfect on her. just found your blog — i hope you'll check out mine too :)

  2. She looks so good in this picture

  3. oh she looks stunning here. her lashes, and the intricate detailing.
    i love her so much more in blonde.


  4. I just adore this too - the picture, Vanessa, Chanel, the colour, everything. I too am attempting to learn French, but it's so much slower than i'd like!

    Adore your blog xx