Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Is anybody still there?!

Being blonde is addictive, the blonder I get, the blonder I want to be.
(and yet then the next day I consider dying it all dark brown...indecisiveness is a disease!)

Abbey Lee by Mr Newton

Now I want to be very, very blonde....with this perfect pair of shades (actually my perfect pair are still the degrade circular shades by Chanel but these are close enough)
Donna Karen SS20100 via Style.com
Derek Lam SS2010 via Style.com

What do you think of Abbey's new hair? you like?


  1. love love love it, am a brunette and would love to go blonde someday! xoxo

  2. i LOVE abbey's hair...that's what i think! great post and lovely blog...i am captivated by your header and the title of your blog!

    sincerely, M


  3. I've always really liked Abbey, but suddenly I LOVE her! The peroxide blonde really works for her (where few others can pull it off), and I love the new sartorial style that seems to have arrived along with it.

    Briony xx