Monday, 29 August 2011

Back to School

Having had 5 weeks off work (thank you Paris for closing during August!) I was becoming slightly accustomed to the world of leisure, and now (like a school girl dreading the first day of a new term, albeit without a brand new pencilcase or shoes) I have to go back...
To get myself back in the mood, and hopefully to draw some last minute inspiration, I'm going to get an early night and settle into bed to watch a recent purchase - 

£2.50 brand new in cellophane from a local charity shop!

I hope everyone has had a great Summer (even if you were in the UK and it rained/was never really Summer at all!) we dare hope for an Indian Summer or just really give up now and look forward to new Winter coats and layers of knitwear?


  1. Definitely living through Indian summer here in California were its very much in the 100s (F), and still dying for winter coats and sweaters, even if it only makes it to about 60 in the cold!

  2. hmmm think I must come to California then!!