Saturday, 20 February 2010

Birthday Girl


Lula's 10th Celebratory issue is out now!!!
Been waiting for ages after I assisted the stylist Zoe James on a shoot (It's our Birthday) for this issue.
Can't wait to see it all.
Apparently there are up to 7 different covers, which one will you be looking out for?

info from tfs -

it has 230 pages

Rachel Elizabeth Thomas, Kirsten Dunst, Glynis Selina Arban, Ana Finel Honigman
Once Upon a Time Jewellery photographed by Rachel Thomans
As From A Dream, Woken
Anne-Sophie Monrad by Antonio Marras
Dashing Into The Future The Artist Yayoi Kusama
Lula Loves Sophie Vlaming and Marina Vacht photographed by Damon Heath
The Songbird Joanna Newson photographed by Annabel Mehran
To Your Heart From Mine Dolores Doll by Sophie Delaporte
Une Femme Parfaite Ludivine Sagnier Interviewed by Charlotte Sanders, Photographed by Mark Pillai
Sophisticated Marceline at Viva Models photographed by Marcus Palmqvist
Faerie Tale Lover Shelley Duvall words by Jeannie Ralston
Love Me, Love Me Interview with Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier Interviewed by Indigo Clarke. Modelled by Kirsty Hume photographed by Skye Parrott
Strawberry Fields Forever Interview with artist Muriel Fahrion interviewed by Kirsten Dunst
Doll Is Mine Chanel Iman, Addison Gill, Kate Somers, Liu Wen, Giedre Dukauskaite, Kim Noorda and Charlotte Di Calypso Photographed by Damon Heath
Polka Dots Melo Dagault by Kai Z Feng
Upon the My-O-My Yulia Photographed by Daniel King
Where Do You Run To? Alex Sandor Photographed by Frederike Helwig
The Angels Hung Around Taylor Photographed by Robert Wyatt
Everything is Illuminated Interview with James Brett by Charlotte Sanders
I Was Made To Love Magic Aurelia Thierree interviewed by Clémence Poésy
Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love? Ali Michael photographed by Catherine Servel
Stillness is the Move Elsa Sylvan by Bennie Horne
Dawn is Mine Various unnamed models all at Marilyn Agency by Glynis Selina Arban
Dot to Dot Words by Fiorella Valdesolo
It's our Birthday Models Alice Gibb Beth Brown and Morwenna by Sandra Freij

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