Monday, 1 February 2010

March Twenty Ten

Got home to find my March 2010 issue of Vogue ready and waiting for me...
Not sure why I was so shocked to see the cover featuring Alexa Chung, but even with her being everywhere these days I was surprised to see her peering out from the oversized, overbearing text of the UK Vogue.

I think it may be because as stylish as Alexa Chung is considered to be, she was never Vogue.
She's not glossy and showbiz and it's as if they've tried to go with this on the shoot but fell short of her own personal style standard.
The grown up masculine styling just looks very flat and uninspired.
The outfit is bland and even her hair looks dull.

Hmmmm...What do you think?


  1. This has really divided people but I think it's just Vogue's attempt to be a bit least they're trying and it's something different. I agree with your comments on the styling, though. Apart from the clogs there's nothing new there.