Saturday, 2 October 2010

All work and no play.....means a severe lack of posts!

I think this week has been the longest I've ever left my blog without posting (apart from when I was away on holiday), I've been working in Italy and staying in a hotel that does not have free wifi...Grrrr.
I've barely seen much of the outside world other than from taxi windows and apart from catching bits on and the Herald Tribune over breakfast I've been pretty much out of the loop. Bear with me til PFW is over and then I shall have a life once more plus hopefully lots of pictures to upload.

Love love loving Rachel Bilson at Dior


  1. rachel bilson looks so good in this pink!


  2. It's so rare to see her in colour, but I LOVE this too!!

    Hope you're trying to find at least a few moments of calm.

    Briony xx