Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Parisian Week's worth of Leigh Lezark Outfits

 Louis Vuitton

 Chanel Dinner Party


 Hogan Party

 Roberto Cavalli 40th Party

 Paris Vogue 90th Anniversary

 Miu Miu

 Viktor & Rolf

 She's also been rocking a much softer make up look - easy on the eye liner - which makes her look so much younger and fresher

 Though she still pulls out the glamour for the Paris Vogue 90th Anniversary Party and looks gorgeous with her trademark black eyeliner and a touch of colour


  1. i loved what she wore to the chanel show!

  2. she seldom disappoints, love her style!

  3. love the simplicity of that first look!

  4. i've always loved her style, she's such a bad girl and i love it!

  5. She's gorgeous, i love her face and she's got a great style.

  6. Jessica - thanks so much, it's always so nice to hear people appreciate and enjoy reading my blog.

    Sarah - tha's my favourite too, such a dreamy dress and I love her choice for the Chanel dinner too.

    Nina - I agree, she always gets it so right but with her own style shining through.

    Bravegrrl - The LV look is great, I'm just sad I didn't spot her outside the show!

    Merissa - always!

    Angela Joy - thanks for stopping by my blog, I love her style but I like the way she has softened it slightly recently

    Dress_your_days_with_dreams - her style is fabulous, thanks for visiting my blog!