Thursday, 2 December 2010

How to deal with the snow Part 1

FINALLY bought some shoes that are snow proof.
I bought this pair from Office yesterday and thank god I did as I woke up this morning to 6 inches of snow and a long trek to work on public transport.
They have a proper sole, with grip and everything! I didn't slip once.
Plus they are waterproof and lined in fleece.

My next problem - cold knees....and yes I'm wearing tights but need more.
Any tips?!

My top tip for the cold weather - buy muscle relief heat pads from Boots.
£1.69 a go, stick it to your tummy when leaving the house and it's like having central heating!!!
Bit weird, maybe
But it made my commute home almost cosy and no one will know it's there but you.


  1. You're boots are perfect! Where did you find them?
    I have this huge fear of slipping on ice in the winter. We haven't had snow yet, at least not the kind that piles up on the ground, but there's been hints of ice here and there. I still have to replace me boots from last year. They totally fell apart at the seams (although they had a great sole). I really need a replacement soon and have yet to find one :(

    Also, that's a great trick! It's a bit weird, but who cares? I'm sure people would rather have that heat then freeze.. haha

  2. Ahh nice boots!! Love the tread - perfect for this weather. Hmm for the knees - you may just have to wear long fleece skirts... Or two pairs of tights.