Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Moving on

Earlier this year I blogged about my beautiful Marc Jacobs shoes, so beautiful....they broke.. first day.. on the Eurostar :(
But today in the MJ London store I found my new obsession

At £470 they are just a little out my price range... (I paid no where near this for my last pair which were luckily in the sale!)
Velour jellies with a wooden sole  -
and they have cleverly solved the problem I had with my last pair by securing the uppers to the soles with studs.
So clever.

So these or the Prada shoes? Which should be top of my dream wish list?


  1. These shoes are awesome! I think you should add these ones in your wishlist. They're so expensive (for what I'm used to, anyways)! Maybe you should have all your relatives and friends chip in and who knows, they may become affordable then. Good luck :).

    Oh, as for the wooden sole, according to my experience, feet get tired sooner; unless they have very little heel.

  2. I like both the MJ ones and the Prada ones, but I like the Prada ones just a bit more :)