Friday, 4 February 2011

Spring's just round the corner right?

I do hope so cos I for one am fed up with this cold weather hampering my desire to wear a few less layers.
SGC N-Y-C will be my destination of choice when the sun finally does emerge again and I can throw caution to the wind and leave the house wearing a fine jumper or, dare I even hope for, just a slouchy tee.
Especially loving the brown jumper and white shirt from the video below...

SGC N-Y-C  S/S 2011 LookBook from kelley ash on Vimeo.

 Check out their website here
and their blog here

What are you looking forward to wearing when the weather turns a little warmer?


  1. I'm liking the cuts! Awesome pictures and video



  2. Is your blogname from Alice in Wonderland? I'm totally obsessed with it, so I was curiouss for your blog, haha! Love these picss x

  3. I'm not gonna wait until then! HELL! This is gorgeous!

    Lovely blog!