Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tomorrow Tomorrow

Although it's not actually my birthday until tomorrow, my boss took me shopping for my first birthday present this week.
I've wanted these for about a year and absolutely love them!
now i just need the sky in Paris to stop looking like this....


  1. i wish i had a boss like that!;p


  2. Same here (to the above comment!)
    I've been coveting Ray Ban Wayfarers for a while, or the new Tom Ford Nikitas

  3. can't say how much i want them. keep on running to the store to ask if they have arrived (i've been there today), but still: not yet. :( you're lucky, girl! have a super day tomorrow! all the best!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! You're so lucky; I'm sure you will enjoy the heck out of those shades :)

  5. My gosh, I've only just had time to catch up on your lovely blog, so please excuse my lateness in wishing you a VERY happy birthday lovely! And MY word they're beautiful (!!!)- you'll have to show us what they look like on.

    Briony xx

  6. thanks for all the birthday wishes, had a great weekend, even got some time off! Though still havent had the chance to wear them due to high winds, rain, grey skies and even almost snow!!!

    AGirlAStyle - hmmmmm maybe one day! :)