Sunday, 20 September 2009

If only my feet would allow it

Outside LFW, Somerset House

I'm not sure where these are from, but I've seen quite a few shoes around with a pencil heel like this.
Although on closer inspection, don't these look a little big for her?!

Being of a small stature (5' 2.5" - the half matters) I often think I should live in heels, but even on nights out I'm usually in boots or flats. Perhaps if I had a pair of Louboutins I could be persuaded.


  1. oww! they look super high and painful.. yeh they do look to big but i read somewhere that victoria beckham always buys her shoes one size too big? cant remember why though...


  2. haha tell me about it im probably just over 5ft but I just couldn't handle heels day in day out!

  3. How is it even possible or remotely comfortable to walk in heels that are that much bigger? I can't even make it in heels that are half a size too big! The things a girl would do for a pair of Louboutins....