Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Still the best

Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier

I was inspired by a recent post by Knighttcat to dig out an all time favourite.
This Vogue 2007 shoot with Gemma Ward is STILL my fav shoot of all time.
The colours are incredible, the styling is eclectic in a way that hasn't dated, Gemma is simply amazing and it brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

Are there photoshoots that you always go back to?


  1. hey im going to tell barbara palvin that shes here ok??
    comment back!!!

  2. wonderful & beautiful! again all about the amazing colors! love it!

  3. Gotta get me one of them pompom veils.

  4. I love the photo of her laughing; just done a post about how I tend to prefer brunette models to blondes as they're 'edgier' but there's something to be said for this girl.
    I have loved a lot of Freja B-E's shoots, specifically last month's Vogue UK shoot.

  5. i love gemma ward! she's so amazingly doll-like and beautiful. pity she's retired from modelling :(

  6. Katie - I'm definitely making you a pom pom headdress, I think they could catch on...

  7. this will be me in a month or so...

  8. Oh dear Gemma, I do miss her so. Such a fun shoot - I remember that one too

    Miss B xx