Wednesday, 16 June 2010

At the Opening Ceremony..

photo from turkeyvogue
I wasn't sure of Chloe Sevigny's shorter hair when she first had it done, but here she has let it grow out a little and it looks much cooler.
I'm always toying with the idea of cutting my hair off...but I'm just not brave enough.
What's the bravest you've been with your appearance?


  1. she's always so fashionable.

  2. i chopped my hair off into a pixie and have had variations of it every season, off and on since (and have never regretted or looked back on it)

  3. i love chloe's hair like this! I chopped ten inches off this past christmas:)

  4. I cut my hair super pixie short in college. I liked it but it took FOREVER to grow out! I've also had platinum hair on a few occasions! I like Chloe's hair here. she just exudes cool!

  5. Reckless Daughter - ooooh I really want white blonde hair but too always takes me so long to make decisions, I'm getting blonder and blonder though

    Briana/Merissa - 10 inches is a lot! do you miss having long hair?

    Bex - I'd love to go short - love Michelle Williams' new do, but I think that it would make me look like a boy :(

    Bekster - thanks for your comment, i really appreciate everyone who reads my I'm off to look at yours!

  6. I've shaved my hair 3 times! And have had it pretty much every colour under the sun :) It's so liberating! curently a short pixie cut like Halle Berry/Mia Farrow in Rosemary's baby
    Go for the chop! xox