Saturday, 26 June 2010

Emma takes Louis to Glastonbury


I know Glastonbury is often more of a fashion parade than a music festival in many tabloids and magazines but I feel a Vuitton corset was one thing I thought I would never see in the fields.
Not sure it's the most comfortable thing for jumping up and down in this heat either...though I expect Emma has a private area somewhere where this is more appropriate.
What do you think?
Is a Vuitton corset a step too far for the famous festival?


  1. i admire her for wearing it, but it is too hot in england right now for this!

  2. yep, not festival cool at all and don't think it really looks nice like that.

    first fail i've seen on Emma!

  3. Maybe it is strangely comfortable? it's sleeveless at least and she's a cool character so maybe isn't sweltering to much. She might have to replace her woolly knee high socks with some cotton-rich ones though...

  4. I prefer her outfits from days 2 and 3, this one is a little too... confusing. i do like the separate pieces but all together they don't seem to work.

    still, love her! and love these two together - too cute!