Sunday, 13 June 2010

Vuitton Cruise 2011

Can see Diane Kruger in this look!...
though maybe the skirt is a little frumpy looking for her, love the hat and blouse
My favourite look - Love the floral lace top with floppy summer hat

I wish there were more detail photos of the accessories, the sandals and ballet shoes looks very cute and you can hardly see the handbags at all in these photos
Also really loving the oversized jewellery
You like?


  1. this collection is gorgeous, i love the black lace top and high waisted trousers...

  2. wow i actually love this. Especially the Diane Kruger outfit :) but don't the cat eye sunglasses look suspiciously like the prada eyebrow ones from fall?

  3. looking great! i must say loving some really wonderful Resort collections this year! Marc Jacobs, Stella Mc...etc..

  4. Sarah - def my favourite look too! love the lace top

    Briana - yeah, hadn't thought bout that, have the same sexy secretary look to them

    Some Style... - Haven't seen the Stella collection to check it out!