Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Now you can shop at Lula...

photo from ftape.com

kind of...

photo by FashionEditorAtLarge

Harvey Nichols have teamed up with Lula magazine to launch a pop up shop.. Is this not the best idea ever? To celebrate Lula's 5th birthday they have created a boutique on the 4th floor of the fashion mecca with exclusive designs by some of my favourites - Erdem, Miu Miu, and Sonia Rykiel.Chanel has also created something special for all those who make a purchase (any one know what this is?!)
The project was curated by Lula editor Leith Clark and set designer Fiona Leahy.
It looks so cute, I want Lula wallpaper!

photos from ftape.com

The collaboration was launched last week at an exclusive dinner
with guests including Leith Clark, Erdem and Clemence Poesy. 'Girl of the moment' Coco Sumner provided some musical entertainment.

photo from FashionEditorAtLarge


  1. Ooh as soon as I saw this on Fashion Editor at Large a while back I thought 'I MUST go to this!', but then completely forgot. Do you know if it's still on? And where on earth can I find Lula in London? I ask everywhere, but now that Borders has closed newsagents just look at me like i'm mad when I ask about it.

    Miss B xx


  2. hey, sorry don't know if this is still on now (though I am a month late replying to your message!!) but there are some newsagents that still sell Lula. I know what you mean though, I'm a bit lost without Borders and was actually going to do a post about the best magazine shops in London...perhaps I'll sort it out this weekend. When the next issue comes out let me know if you have trouble finding it and maybe I can send you one xx