Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sellophane Genius...

...and by that I am referring to the wonderful Stephen Jones who created these for the recent Fall 2010 Dior Couture show.
I'm not usually such a huge fan of Galliano but there is something quite Lacroix-esque about this collection, which is delightful after the sad loss of the Lacroix couture house earlier this year.
Jones' hats are like a cross between the top of a Christmas tree and your favourite Quality Street chocolate.
Not sure they'll make it onto the highstreet so I'm off to a florist to explore the DIY option.

photos from I Have Spread My Dreams Under Your Feet and


  1. this couture collection was out of control. The hair and the head pieces are so incredible!

  2. yeah, thats crazy shit...but awesome!

  3. As always, a beautiful collection of photos and posts you've assembled here lovely!

    Were you lucky enough to go to any couture shows while in Paris? I adored the Dior show - so fun and whimsical, and the models reminded me of characters from Whoville in Dr Seuss (in a fabulous way). Loved the upsidedown florist cellophane hats with the frothy dresses too.

    Miss B xx

  4. Briana & Merissa - so true, I'm not sure the hats would work so well without the high maybe I need a wig too!

    DafnaDiamant - thanks for your comment

    Miss B - sadly no, I would LOVE to go to a couture show, I think that really is the dream. I'm always too busy working in Paris to see the shows...and also my invites always seem to get lost in the post. Thank you so much for your kind comment!


  5. My invites seem to have been misplaced too, how rude. Are you a stylist when not a blogger extraordinairre?

    Have a lovely weekend

    Briony xx

  6. Briony - no I work for a designer in Paris and London so always on the go and at the moment always knackered! Have assisted on a couple of shoots though and love the styling side of the business. xx