Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Once again... posting has been lacking this week. I've been away working in Florence and so I have very limited access to the internet. Back in Paris now til the weekend so have reconciled with my laptop. July is a bit of a crazy month as I have the whole of August off work ('s like school holidays!) but this means that I am away a lot working until then. I am going to make more of an effort though and will get back into the regular updates very soon.
I'm not really sure who Gerald Decock is (a hairdresser and visual artist according to The Selby) but his house is incredible. On the one hand I would want to explore it for hours but I think that it might become all too much to stay too long.
Love his inspiration wall which he says helps him reflect on his magic life

see more pics here


  1. That's an amazing place! You can take cool pictures in every single spot! Hope you're having fun there! :)


  2. I wish I was there!..but these are from the Selby website. xx