Saturday, 27 November 2010

Missing Summer

As much as I love layering, I am missing being able to throw on a few garments and trotting out the house.
We haven't had snow here yet but that will just cause more trouble when it hits next week (as all weather reports are telling me will happen)...which shoes are suitable for snow that you can actually wear in a normal social/work situation?!!


  1. flat boots might be the way to go, but to be honest I like winter because at least you know what you're getting wrap up warm.. whereas english weather you're wearing summer clothes but still packing an umbrella.

  2. oh, me so much! always thinking about moving to California or such! haha

    ha, so true ..Adorngirl! although, it's gotten like London weather over here as well, always got my little umbrella at hand! ;)

    oh, and you cannot go wrong with flat black boots!