Saturday, 27 November 2010

Porte de Vanves

photos my own 
The only way to spend a Saturday morning in Paris is to head down to Vanves.
It's impossible not to find something to buy (even if you only have a few euros).
There really is everything here - from old stamps to window shutters, shop signs to old socks, vintage designer clothes and street lamps.

One of my favourite places in the world!


  1. oh how beautiful. the delicate white top/camisole... want something like that! looks like you had a great time. :)

  2. Every time I go to Paris, I manage to miss flea market day! But it's one of the things I most want to do there, and have fantasies of coming home with all manner of rustic French treasures.

    Is this the best of the markets in your opinion? Thank you so much for sharing, it looks just brilliant.

    Briony xx

  3. I just went to Paris and went to a different flea market that was fun but was not so much vintage stuff like this seems to have. Next time I definitely need to go here….


  4. Kazuko - I loved that top but real vintage pieces like that are always that bit too expensive, but there are so many like it in Paris

    A Girl A Style - Vanves is on Sat and Sun, and is my favourite market in Paris because I always find something to buy. I might do a post on the cool things I've found there recently.

    Megan - ooooh where did you go? I always love a new market!


  5. I went to the one at Porte de Clignancourt, but it wasn't as "flea" like as I like it. If you ever come to Berlin there are so many great flea markets to choose from. BTW. I am your latest follower...


  6. oooh love Clignancourt too, but like you say not so much flea and more millionaire's playground. But love the skanky bits at the back with the fashion 'corridor' and garage full of leathers and ribbons! Thanks for following, :) xx