Saturday, 27 November 2010


Last week I received a gift of true greatness...

I don't have my ears pierced (was always too wimpy...yes really!) and now I'm not too bothered as I don't often find earrings I would wear anyway (yes maybe if I had my ears pierced I would feel differently), but who needs pierced ears when Prada are making these things of beauty with ever so comfortable clips.



  1. oh, how beautiful! pure fashion envy! great to see u back! xoxo

  2. lucky you! they are truly amazing!

  3. They're lovely but HUGE! Surely they'd weigh your ears down?!

    ♥ Dressing Miss Dolly ♥

  4. Ooooh my gosh, hey are truly beautiful!!

    It took me until I was 20 to finally build up the courage to get my ears pierced, and to be honest, I never ever wear earrings anyway (perhaps once a year when I'm wearing going to a black tie ball, and that's it). I just find that with my hair (either down and long or up in a high topknot), and my fondness for wearing statement necklaces (which I feel naked without), earrings are just too much, too girly. But for those Prada beauties, I might just change my mind!

    Briony xx

  5. SomeStyle and Kazuko - thanks for all your comments!!

    Miss Dolly - no that's why they are soooo amazing, because they are made of fabric they practically weigh nothing and you can't even feel them on!

    A Girl A Style - I totally agree, earrings always seem too girly on me too, but these are a little tougher looking so I couldn't say no!