Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last few days, I finally got to spend some time at home in London so took the opportunity to sleep, see friends and chill out.
Back in Paris now but only for a few days and then home again for nearly 3 weeks! Woohoo.

I was talking to a friend the other day who thought it was strange that I get excited when I have a new follower or when someone new comments on my blog but I think it's nice that there are people around the world who I will probably never meet who have similar ideas and likes that we can share.

So if you read my blog, are a follower or simply ended up here by mistake then please comment and tell me one interesting thing about yourself...I'll start.

I am 25 and I work in London and Paris...I find it quite exhausting, but sometimes terribly exciting.


  1. I'm 19, absolutely hate geese, and have been living with a ruptured appendix for three weeks and didn't know?

  2. I am 23, live in Osloi and studies geology. Love fashion blogs and daydream a lot

  3. that is exactly what I want to do :) aspiring linguist .... I will find a place somewhere in this world ...
    x x x x


  4. I am 29 (the big 3-0 in 9 days and counting) live in the Beehive State (Utah) and am a self-proclaimed bargain junkie.

    Nice to meet you.

  5. Well, I'm almost 50! I check your blog every day - forgot how I was directed to it - I think I found it by complete accident. But, as I spend my days in a job that has nothing to do with me, it warms me to go to my favorite blogs at night, and read interesting things and see interesting pictures courtesy of people who think a lot like me. And for that, I thank you immensely.

  6. I am 26, living in Toronto Canada. Travel a fair amount for fun, enjoy eating, feeding people, organization and dancing most of all. I have a masters degree in theatre, but spend my days working with engineers. (Which I don't mind one little bit.)


  7. @Briana/Marissa - How did you not know!? Hope you feel better soon, make sure you stick your feet up and watch lots of Gossip Girl or whatever on tv-dome.net!

    @LazyPanda - never stop daydreaming, I swear it's my favourite passtime

    @The Girl who Loved to Salsa - thanks for commenting, love the header picture on your blog!

    @Bargain Bex - I too have ajunk problem, my mother is continuously trying to through out my stuff!

    @Anonymous - Thank you so much! it really does mean a lot to know people enjoy what I post.

    @Bright Smile - I'm hoping to come to Toronto this summer! my aunt and uncle have a house near there. Keep dancing! :)

    Thank you for all commenting, have a lovely day and I am now off to check out all your blogs!

  8. I'm a little late with this but... I live in los angeles and I work in the film industry.

  9. never too late! film industry sounds exciting, plus would love to be in LA, though today the sunshine is in London so I couldn't be happier.