Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Part Two

I think maybe I was a bit harsh on Kristen Stewart this morning...I've decided it's not her fault..it's the dress.
But anyway moving on..

Alexa Chung cemented her fashion status showing up in a Phillip Lim tuxedo on the arm of the designer. Not sure what I think about her latest look, but it's certainly different to everyone else - do love the shoes

Natasha Poly looked amazing in liquid gold - I love love love the dramatic make up on her

Sienna Miller made her first public appearance with Jude Law, looking beautifully sun kissed and whilst I'm not crazy about the Pucci dress, from the neck up I think she looks really great. Even Jude was looking much better than he has in a long time...they must bring out the best in each other.

Kate Bosworth turned to classic Hollywood glamour for her look and didn't disappoint in this gorgeous Valentino gown.

I was disappointed with Carey Mulligan's choice... and it saddens me even more to say that when I know it was Miu Miu. It's just doesnt seem quite right for the Met Gala.

I thought that Rachel Bilson looked cute in this Louis Vuitton dress from the Fall 2010 collection. It is quite different to her usual style and I think her hair and make up was spot on.

Maggie Gyllenhaal also chose Louis Vuitton but went for a much more dramatic entrance.


  1. Is it me or does Sienna Miller have bad posture...?
    Agree with Carey dress - doesn't look that glam - daytime wear perhaps? That Natasha Poly dress is lurvely - but damn, you'd have to have her body to pull it off!

  2. Alexa and Sienna look the best. I'm sure I've seen Kate in a similar dress

  3. WOW! i adore alexas outfit... so her!

  4. I agree with the carey comment definately, I'd wear that outfit (and I have a dress very similar) as a day outfit, not to the met! Fabulous post :)

    And to anybody with as good a taste as I to be reading this blog, please check out mine if you get a minute at leather, lace and studs and let me know what you think! My 200th follower receives a gift from my wardrobe :)

  5. Oh and of course I'll invite you to TFS, as soon as it lets me :) i'll let you know when it does :)