Saturday, 1 May 2010

English take over Jalouse

I LOVE Jalouse magazine
I'm slightly disappointed by the UK takeover in the new issue.
I love Jalouse because I thought it was different and not just full of the same faces you see in UK gossip mags and 'cool kids' editorials.
So...they've used Alexa Chung on the cover (don't get me wrong, I love her style as much as the next blogger) but I don't like it.
Her editorial inside is much better, but they went a step too far including Peaches Geldof in this issue...ergh.

all pics tfs
Photographer: Thomas Giddings
Stylist: Sebastien Cambos
Model: Alexa Chung

What do you think?
Yay or Nay to the UK takeover?

*EDIT* - Ok I'm an idiot, this isn't the new issue at all but June2009!!
Think I must have been half asleep when I wrote it....oh well


  1. since i'm neither a professional stylist nor photographer i usually wouldn't say anything but - i have to agree - this is really disappointing. i don't see any concept, the clothes don't do anything for alexa. boring.

  2. NAY! I agree that Alexa comes across rather Boring - but I've never been a huge fan anyway.
    Jalouse should stay frenchified

  3. I love the Chung's simple dullness but the stylist responsible for that last photo (with the brown shorts) needs the sack; terrible outfit and makes Alexa look stumpy. Not the best shoot I've seen of her, LOVED her demin one in Vogue UK March 2010.