Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...pt 1

Here we go!! I haven't got long as I have to run to work but....

Young Hollywood were out in force with Emma Watson (wearing custom Burberry), Taylor Swift (not technically Hollywood but still) Carey Mulligan (simple...maybe boring?!), Kristen Stewart (I just can't like it, as much as I try - the hair, the dress it just looks all wrong..why is no one helping this girl?!), the Gossip Girls, Emma Roberts and

White was a popular choice - Emma Watson, Diane Kruger, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and others slinking along the red carpet.
And metallics were big on the red carpet with stars such as Nicole Richie, Anna Wintour, Demi Moore, Marion Coutillard, and SJP sashying down the the red carpet in gold, silver and all in between.

Emma looks so glamourous, grown up and glowing...everything you expect from a Hollywood star, plus I think she has got the hair and make up spot on. Not too over the top, just enough classic Hollywood starlet without looking outdated.
Love Love Love!

Chloe Sevigny wore Proenza Schouler and although maybe it is a little understated for the Met Gala I love the colour and shape. Plus she's thrown in a little of this Summer's lace and underwear trends in for good measure.
Loving the neutral lip as a contrast to the pillarbox red we are so used to seeing on her.

Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein
Like this look on Diane, she has the perfect figure. But it does kinda remind me of the Calvin Klein dress Ashley Olsen wore last year.
Even so she looks gorgeous and has Joshua Jackson on her arm, so the girl can do no wrong.

Kristen Stewart wearing Chanel
Chanel?!?! How can she make Chanel look bad?!!
Sorry I tried, I really did but I just can't like it.
On a positive note I am liking her more subtle make up (rather than her usual goth-y style).

Got to run now, but will update later with a very bronzed Sienna Miller stepping out with Jude Law, Maggie, Olsens (did they attend?!!), Kate (Hudson Bosworth -was Moss there?!) et al...

Who was your favourite?!


  1. I loved Zoe Saldana's look - she always looks stunning, and Emma Watson has to be another favourite, though it would be nice to see her in another designer for events like this.
    I've put my favourites up at www.dressingmissdolly.co.uk - take a look! :)

  2. Ahhhhhhh Kristen Stewart always manages to look terrible no matter what she is in! I just want to smack that "bored teen" look off her face!





  3. Hahaha, you're so right about Kristen!