Thursday, 27 May 2010

It was a all bit of nightmare before the party seeing as I left it far too late to get home to get changed after work...bad planning, very bad. Luckily I was helped out by a friend who lent me a Marc by Marc Jacobs top (that I wore as a was long on me, I'm short..) and then made a mad dash to a nearby New Look for a pair of leggings and the plainest pair of heels I could find before they closed in 10 minutes.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

New Look £22

Not bad for a last minute outfit that cost me a total of £30!
Plus the shoes (with help from only one plaster) stayed on my feet all night.

The only problem I had was with a stray piece of chewing gum that got stuck on both legs when I sat down...seriously who goes to an LV party and sticks their chewing gum to the nearest surface grrrr.

polaroid images from my new favourite website - Poladroid


  1. So lovely! Beautiful photos. xx

  2. ewww.....a gum incident, that sucks! hope you had fun anyway. cool last minute outfit :)

    cara mia

  3. ohh the dress is delightful!! love the little bow tie on it! pity about the gum, i hate cleaning gum on shoes, makes me mad! Thanks for stopping by my blog! xoxox

  4. must have been Kanye lol